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How to Teach Time Management Skills to Kids

Right Food & Nutrition For Children During COVID 19
Right Food & Nutrition For Children During COVID 19

Parents must ensure that the child’s immunity remains strengthened during this pandemic period. Providing them with a healthy diet must be of paramount importance. Besides, keeping them active and motivated through indoor games and activities. We should select the right food and nutrition to maintain their energy level and inner strength high. Micronutrients also need […]

vocabulary activity for kids
10 Fabulous Vocabulary Building Activities for Kids

Words are the foundation stone for acquiring great language proficiency. The kids must be introduced to the world of vocabulary systematically. They will lose interest in activities quickly. Therefore, the learning activities must be engaging and entertaining for them. A set of fun games and interactive vocabulary-building techniques would be useful to keep them engaged. […]

digital library school
Key Benefits of Digital Library in Schools

Reading is one of the best habits one can pursue. It helps you see around the world, without moving an inch. There are several benefits of reading. It enhances the efficiency of the brain, improves memory power, aids in better comprehension, augments thought processes and performs exceptionally well at different junctures of life. We believe […]

preschool organisation tips
Proven Tips For Preschool Classroom Organization

Organizing the preschool, streamlining the activities and guiding the kids to pursue the directives can turn tiresome if you are not a trained or experienced teacher. TIST has been finding it one of the most rewarding and learning processes to organize classrooms and nurture the children; the future of our nation.  The extensively experienced professional […]