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Key Benefits of Digital Library in Schools

Key Benefits of Digital Library in Schools

Reading is one of the best habits one can pursue. It helps you see around the world, without moving an inch. There are several benefits of reading. It enhances the efficiency of the brain, improves memory power, aids in better comprehension, augments thought processes and performs exceptionally well at different junctures of life. We believe that it is our responsibility to inculcate this habit in children and provide them with all the facilities for that.

A digital library with advanced infrastructure, along with, a traditional library having a wide collection of books, is necessary for every school. TIST facilities include both, a brilliantly arranged library with physical books, as well as, a digital library. 

Advantages Of Digital Library In Schools

Let’s look at the key benefits offered by digital libraries in schools. Those make it an unavoidable part of every school.

1.     A Connection with Technology

Digital transformation is happening around the world at a rapid rate. Our children must be introduced to the latest technological developments in a gradual manner. Rather than pushing them to try out the new thing, on one fine day. 

Digital libraries are the initial thing that will help the child imbibe the goodness of technology in life. With a digital library, every info he or she searches will be available at the fingertip. Since it is a colourful and interactive world, unlike a physical book, it is easy to capture the student’s connection. They will indulge in the word quickly.   

2.    Learning through Playing

Once we are successful in gaining the child’s attention, the teacher can guide him or her to the world of knowledge through e-books. Since it is different from force-feeding, digital books will pique the child’s interest. Therefore, the info or knowledge will remain etched in the student’s heart. Helping the child to understand the concepts and theories effortlessly.

3.    Looking Up the Confusions and Doubts

The previous generation is habituated to reading from physical books. As change is the only thing that doesn’t change, the physical reading is slowly switching over to e-reading. One of the main advantages of using the digital library is that the student can look up and clarify doubts then and there. It is not the case with a traditional library. He or she may skip the portion, where doubt arises, and move to the next one. Causing the doubt to remain with the student for a longer period, until the teacher clarifies it.

4.    Unlimited Collection

In a traditional library, the student is limited to the books available. Although the library has an unlimited collection of books, journal and magazines, the limitation of books may arise at times. The student may be searching for a unique book from a particular author or a publishing house. The non-availability of the same may turn him or her down.

digital library in schools

Digital libraries transcend boundaries. The student can obtain knowledge, without the limitation of borders. Just search for the particular knowledge and here it is. The exhaustive collection doesn’t require additional physical space as well.

5.    Interactive Facilities

The student can highlight particular points, ask doubts, or initiate a discussion with other students or teachers. It will facilitate in comprehending the topic deeper and assist in understanding the core concept. A Digital library is effective in gathering all the important info without having the requirement to go around physically.

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Digital Library at TIST   

Setting up a digital library had been one of the top priorities in the list when we were conceiving the idea of The International School of Thrissur (TIST). We have a well-designed and brilliantly arranged digital library on our campus. Aimed at the overall development of our students, the teachers initiate and guide them to acquire knowledge and make optimal use of the library.

If you are a parent or student, we invite you to our campus, to have a look at the library. To ascertain our systematic and meticulous approach that will assist in making our students great achievers in life. 

The student can simply log in, read, refer and initiate discussions on topics of interest. That will boost his or her intuitive capabilities and generate inquisitive abilities. Developing a genuine interest in concepts and ideas will turn instrumental in the positive development of the child’s life. Our teachers help the student to make the optimal use of digital books and other resources. Making a healthy and strong character in them. To enable them to be a part of nation-building, by deriving novel thoughts and ideas.

Enrol your child in TIST. For making him or her a winner in life.       

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