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How to Setup a Productive Study Space For Your Child’s Online Class

How to Setup a Productive Study Space For Your Child’s Online Class

The nation is proceeding with a full-fledged vaccination drive to reduce the possibility of a third wave of COVID-19.  Homeschooling and online classes would be the only option until the fear of the pandemic is eradicated completely. Ensuring a comfortable study space is the only thing a parent can think of, at this juncture. The study space must be productive, to prevent distractions. Having an active nature, even a mild noise can distract them easily.

Follow the tips we discuss here to set up a productive study space for your child’s online class.

1.  Allocate a specific space

Allocate a particular area for the online classes for the child. The location must be free from distractions including the view of vehicles on the road. Else, s/he will be counting the number of vehicles on the road half the time. In case there are more than children, ensure that there’s enough gap between them. To avoid mischievous acts during the class. It may not be a problem if a parent can monitor them. However, constant observation may not be feasible most of the time. Hence, the study space must be decided after careful consideration only. Allocate a specific space

2.  Dividing screen

A portable, removable, screen could be considered to provide privacy to the children. This is vital and more useful in the case of homes with space constraints. The movable and foldable screens available in the market could be purchased. It could be placed to prevent the views from other areas in the home and thus providing a private space feeling to the kid. You can remove the screen after the class and keep it aside. Thus, it would not be hampering the overall space availability in the home.

3. Comfortable seating

The child would be sitting attending the online class for hours. You can compare it with an employee working in the IT sector. Such long duration of sitting in an uncomfortable position can tire them or affect their body. Buy a good-quality chair with lumbar support to offer the child stress-free and convenient seating. On the other hand, the chair should not be too comfortable to cause laziness. Check out the chairs and choose the correct one according to the height of your child.

Comfortable seating4.  Provide proper lighting in the room

Since the child would be watching the computer screen continuously, it can affect his or her eyes. The best way to avoid stress on the eyes is to ensure the availability of light in the room. You may have to keep the lights on if natural lighting is not sufficient to brighten the room. Save them from wearing glasses in childhood itself. The lighting should be balanced; neither dim nor glaring.

5.  It’s His/ Her Space

Allocate the space solely for the kid. Let him or her do the decorations and arrangements as wished. You may help with the arrangements if needed. The feeling of ownership will suffuse a sense of pride in the child. This would be helpful in taking up the responsibility of learning as well. Helicopter parenting may not be required when the child is focussing on studies by himself/ herself (Note that, most psychologists do not advise helicopter parenting. It starves them of self-reliance).

6.  Place study material at the study space

 Get some arrangements for keeping the papers, pens, pencils, sharpener, eraser, craft items, textbooks, and notebooks at the study space itself. It can be distractive in case these items are kept in a cupboard in another room. They should not have to keep on shuttling between the cupboard and study space. It will cause distraction largely. A small cupboard or box may be set up in the study space to keep the material.

study-material-at-the-study-space Know how to improve the students’ interaction in online classrooms.

The student and teacher are in two different spaces, causing a limitation in teaching. Unlike a classroom, the teacher won’t be able to check each child physically. Although the teachers from reputed institutions like The International School of Thrissur will be using effective pedagogical methodologies, support from parents is essential.

Being a responsible parent, you must provide a peaceful and private space to your kid. It would offer a comfortable learning experience away from distractions. Try to separate the child’s study space from the common area even if you have space constraints.

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