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Right Food & Nutrition For Children During COVID 19

Right Food & Nutrition For Children During COVID 19

Parents must ensure that the child’s immunity remains strengthened during this pandemic period. Providing them with a healthy diet must be of paramount importance. Besides, keeping them active and motivated through indoor games and activities. We should select the right food and nutrition to maintain their energy level and inner strength high. Micronutrients also need to be considered for reinforcing their health quotient.   

Good Food And Nutrition To Choose For Children

Not only children but also adults need to focus on healthy food supplements and exercises including yoga to maintain their physical and mental health. India is battling with the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Being responsible citizens of the country, we need to remain healthy and support the medical and social workers as much as we can.

The medical experts in the country are not rejecting the possibility of a third wave. We need to remain motivated and inculcate optimistic habits in our children. Healthy food and nutrition must be included in the child’s diet for him/ her to remain strong internally. Here are some tips shared by our dietician at TIST.

Include Fruits and Vegetables

Exorbitantly priced fruits may not be necessary. Better to go for seasonal fruits. Clean the fruits using salt and turmeric to remove the remnants of chemicals and pesticides (if any) from the surface. Give them freshly prepared vegetable salads. They may be interested in consuming those initially and may turn reluctant over a period. The parents may have to try different methods to make them eat fresh vegetables and fruits. 

Vegetables and fruits are a treasure of micronutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Vitamin-C-rich fruits must be essentially included. That would strengthen the immune system and protect them against viral diseases to a certain extent. Milk and milk products, including curd, are also advisable for kids.

Give Freshly Prepared Food

Try to give them freshly prepared food as much as possible.  Food from the fridge, heated before offering them, is a definite no. It will have a negative impact on the child’s health. Home-cooked food is advised for children, as it will reduce the chances of infections remarkably.

Avoid Giving Junk Foods

Strictly avoid junk foods, coloured food products, juices, and readymade food items that contain artificial preservatives, etcetera.  The high quantity of sugar, saturated fatty acid, prohibited colours, food preservatives and other artificial components in these food items will affect the children adversely. Prepare lemon juice, or any other fruit juice at home and give them if they are adamant about juices.  Coconut water is another alternative solution in place of packed juice.  

Fix a Meal Time

It is always better to follow fixed meal timing at home. This is good for both adults and children. The timely consumption of diet will help regularize metabolic activities and improve digestion. Thereby, helping the body to absorb all the nutrients from the food.  

Do not stop breastfeeding the baby. S/he must be breastfed until the age of 2. Of course, food supplements can be considered in addition to mother’s milk, from 6 months onwards.

Food Items To Be Avoided for Children

Remember that avoiding unhealthy food items is as important as providing the right food and nutrition to the children. The parents must find a way even if the child compels them for junk food and readymade food items etc.

  • Fried food like chips must be reduced as much as possible
  • Cookies and ice cream could be given occasionally; prevent those from becoming a habit
  •  Aerated sugary drinks must be avoided
  • Packed juice is not healthy as they say. It can be given to the child once in a while
  • Food items with artificial flavours and colours
  • Junk food sold by multinational giants is not healthy at all. It may be avoided as much as possible

The parents’ health is as important as the children’s are. Physical activities, exercise, and yoga may be practised to keep the mind and body healthy. Have positive thoughts and keep oneself motivated. This is just a small phase of life. What awaits us is a bright tomorrow and great heights.

At TIST we encourage healthy food habits, so we only provide freshly cooked food  under the supervision of dietician and trained staff at our cafeteria. So you don’t need to worry about your child’s health at our campus.

Keep this spirit alive, pass it on to the kids, and continue the stride forward. 

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