• Vision and Mission


    To ignite and empower... through education.


    The aim of The International School of Thrissur is to provide children a safe and supportive environment that help them reach their full potential. We are committed to educate our children to become independent, intercultural, active and responsible citizens, who can utilize their skills and knowledge to contribute positively to the society.

  • Chairperson's Message

Message from the Chairperson

“Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, Or what's a heaven for?”

The world is changing exceedingly fast and getting to be increasingly complex.

At the International School of Trissur, our priority therefore is to inculcate confidence in our students to face that quickly changing new and complex world. We do so through equipping every one of our students to meet the yet unforeseeable challenges of the 21st century that they will face.


Surviving and thriving in a competitive world requires a high degree of emotional, mental and physical toughness. By helping every child entrusted with us to reach deep down within himself or herself and find the true him or her, we help them find a better version of theirselves. In the process we prepare them to accomplish their personal goals and ambitions, and more.


The vision we give our students is to grow into knowledgeable, ethical, responsible and engaged members of society, and help them reach for the moon and the stars. The first step in reaching that vision is discipline, which is a trait we infuse into our daily activities inside and outside the classrooms.

We value the rich cultural diversity and the differing abilities that every one of our students bring. Our highly qualified staff is driven by our vision to ignite and empower the children through holistic education – that goes well beyond mere information, knowledge – and peer learning through the cultural diversity and differing abilities that every student brings.

We believe that parents, grandparents, siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins - indeed the larger family - all play a crucial role in that holistic education. Our home-school partnerships encourage, involve and weave that larger family of the child in school life.

As Chairperson of this school, I look forward to your kind association and a healthy rapport that will assist us in the fullest development of every child.

M. P. Joseph IAS (Fmr)
Former UN and Indian Civil Servant.

A former UN and Indian Civil Servant from the 1977 batch of the IPS and the 1978 batch of the IAS, M. P. Joseph was District Collector Ernakulam, Mayor of Cochin Corporation and Labour Commissioner Kerala (for the longest period ever), Cashew Special Officer, Kerala, General Manager District Industries Centre, Kollam, Managing Director Overseas Development and Employment Promotion Consultants etc.

Later he joined the UN and worked extensively on children’s education and on ending child labour in India and abroad. He has worked closely with Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Sathyarthi and others in these initiatives.

On return from the UN after 20 years in the ILO, Joseph took over as Advisor to Government (Labour Reforms, Industrial Relations), in the Rank of Additional Chief Secretary, Kerala and Executive Vice Chairman of Bhavanam Foundation Kerala a public sector non-profit Company fully owned by the Government of Kerala.

He is the author of ‘My Driver Tulong and Other Tall Tales from a Post Pol Pot Contemporary Cambodia’ a fictional travelogue set in Cambodia based loosely upon his time there. A TV anchor who has presented many programmes for the young, he is an orator in English, Malayalam and Hindi and also speaks Tamil, Telugu, a smattering of French and Khmer.