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10 Fabulous Vocabulary Building Activities for Kids

10 Fabulous Vocabulary Building Activities for Kids

Words are the foundation stone for acquiring great language proficiency. The kids must be introduced to the world of vocabulary systematically. They will lose interest in activities quickly. Therefore, the learning activities must be engaging and entertaining for them. A set of fun games and interactive vocabulary-building techniques would be useful to keep them engaged.

Given below are some exciting vocabulary building activities for kids.

1. Building Blocks

Building blocks can be the first method for teaching them simple words.  Try to make it as entertaining as possible. For example, you can write down a word in a block and ask the kid to collect the blocks containing the letters to make that word. Begin with simple words, including names of animals and flowers, and gradually increase the level. The kids may be asked to imitate the sounds of the animals or imitate the actions (for example, Jump).

2. Funny Word Games

There are several word games available in the market. Moreover, you can customize and prepare your own as well. Play word games with the children. The games will attract the kids towards learning.

3. Introduce Word Each Day

A board with “word of the day” could be a good way to teach them a unique word each day. Make sure that you generate curiosity in them by playing tricks with the word. Not only teachers but also parents or elder siblings can use this method.

4. Introduce them to Books

Books are the treasures that will nourish a child with knowledge, and vocabulary. Not only that, reading will enhance his/ her thought process and help in the development of their brain. Reading is undoubtedly one of the best habits in the world.

5. Labeling of items

Parents or teachers can label the items around and help the kids to read and identify the objects. Once they are thorough with the names of those, you can remove the labels and ask the kid to put the labels. This will aid the child to identify so many common items around.   

6. Converse with Kids

A proper conversation with kids is essential to improve their pronunciation and understanding of the language. Guide them to speak correctly and confidently. Trained teachers will be able to develop the children in a better manner. By using exclusive pedagogical methodologies that are suitable for the kids.

7. Short Words Made from Long Ones

Once the child has shown improved vocabulary, this game may be tried. Give the kid a long word and ask him/ her to find small words hidden in the long word. Involve with them and boost them to get the words as fast as possible. Play this game as many times as possible.

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8. Word Puzzles

This may not be the right game for smaller kids, who are just learning words. However, word puzzles could be played after they have learned a good number of words and have a decent vocabulary. Begin with the words they are familiar with and try to give complex words as the game progresses.

9. Word Hunt

A square grid with rectangles containing letters is the property required for this game. Ask the child to mark words connecting the scattered letters. This will improve his/ her vocabulary, as well as, observation.

10. Interactive Sessions

Interactive sessions, games, and fun activities are vital for teaching the kids the usage of the words they have learned. The teacher or parents can give example sentences using the words. And ask the kids to make some of their own. You can assist them in creating sentences using the said words.

Uniquely tailored pedagogical methodologies are available for teaching vocabulary to children. The fabulous vocabulary building activities, derived after intense research after identifying the peculiarities of children and analyzing their psychology, will have exemplary results in strengthening their word power. The most important part of teaching the kids is how to generate interest in them. Both generating the interest and keeping it alive is complex in the case of children.

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