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Fun Indoor Activities Suited For Kids This Summer

Fun Indoor Activities Suited For Kids This Summer

The summer holidays have started. The kids would be spending most of the time in front of the television or playing mobile games. Needless to say, the uncontrolled involvement in both things is harmful to the body and mind. Addiction to mobile games is counterproductive. It will affect a child’s brain development adversely. As the kid will not be using his or her abilities for constructive thinking or for observing the world around him. 

Inquisitiveness is an essential trait in children. Asking questions and learning about new things will broaden the perspective and help him/ her to perform well in academics and extracurricular activities. The pandemic scenario has restrained our movements. Children are forced to remain within the residential premises and prevent mingling with the public. Visits to common places like parks and game zones have been reduced consequent to the second wave of COVID-19. 

However, you can engage the children with fun indoor activities that are beneficial for both physical and mental development. It is our responsibility to introduce them to a new world, even though constrained to one’s own home.

Art Projects

Kids love colours. They may have to be controlled and instructed about the right way to use it. Otherwise, they will make the whole home messy with colours. Choose interesting art projects that will hook the kids’ interest. And guide him or her on the way to complete it. It may require you to remain with the children for some time. Else, they may tear the paper and throw it away and will start painting on the walls.

Toys and Games

Buy some toys exclusively for summer. Kids get bored with toys very fast. Therefore, you can craft some stories surrounding the toys. Stories will generate interest in them and the kids will start playing with the toys.  

Books and Reading

Read from the kid’s book collection. They will love to see the big colourful images in the books while listening to the story. It is vital to enact each emotion and hook them to the story.


Puzzles will create curiosity in kids. This will be helpful in brain development and initiating a creative attitude. Choose the puzzles depending on the age of the kid. It should be neither too easy nor tough.


The kids can help parents in gardening activities. It can also be used to educate them about different types of plants, their specialities, the types of indoor plants, why the plants need sunlight and similar concepts. The gardening activity will be educational as well as entertaining for the kids, especially planting and watering activities.


This is one of the activities in which parents don’t normally involve kids. However, it is one of the most productive activities concerning children. Just you have to be cautious regarding burns or other unfortunate incidents. Keep them at a distance from the stove and fire. Moreover, don’t allow them to handle knives. 

In fact, it would be ideal if the cooking activity involving children is limited to the preparation of dough, mixing of sugar and salt, monitoring the cooking in the oven and so on. Through this, you will be educating the children about the necessity of food, the precautions while in the kitchen, and the way to prepare food. It is best if both the parents work together in the kitchen. 

Indoor Games

There are many indoor game kits available in shops. You can get balloons and help them play balloon volleyball, buy targets or draw one and introduce them to the aiming game, indoor basketball and many similar games. You may consider an adequately sized room, free from objects that may cause injury or the parking lot in the home for indoor game activities. Our aim is to keep them away from the vicious world of mobile games as much as possible. The indoor games will energize the kids and enhance their health.

Also, read the advantages of technology integration in schools.

Plan and prepare indoor fun activities for your kids. You must be able to introduce the children to an entertaining world, away from mobile phones and television. On the other hand, you may allow limited usage of mobile phones and television. The aim is to prevent them from getting addicted to such electronic gadgets and keeping them connected with the world. 

This is where TIST helps students in developing new skills beyond academics activities that include various work experience clubs and hobby classes at our school. Both academics and extracurricular activities are crucial for the overall development and growth of the kids. Keep your children safe and let their imaginations fly.

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