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Effective Ways to Improve Memory & Concentration for Your Child

Effective Ways to Improve Memory & Concentration for Your Child

Memory and concentration are pivotal for children as it is a growing age and their whole future and career revolve around it. Technology has shortened the attention span of children as well as adults’ considerably. Both the categories find it hard to focus on something for more than a couple of minutes or an hour. However, there are several ways of tackling it. 

Researchers are constantly studying ways to improve the memory and concentration of children and have brought together several techniques for the boosting of the same. If you as a parent are puzzled over ways of improving your child’s memory and concentration, then here are a few tricks to help you. 

Use Visual Aids

Using visual aids is one good way of increasing the child’s memory and concentration. According to studies, visual images tend to stay in mind more than words that are read. Kids remember the things they see rather than things they hear or books they read. 

teacher holding flashcard

Try to include visual storytelling techniques and prepare study guides using pictures. It always goes the extra mile. Using flashcards is an effective way for increasing retention and concentration. Also, ask them to draw what they learnt. This also is a proven technique to improve memory and concentration. 

Keep Schedules for Studying and Stick to it

Ensure that there is a proper schedule for the day. It will help kids focus better. Studying at random hours is not effective. Keep a schedule for playing, napping and studying. It will help students focus better on what they learn.

When there is no proper schedule, kids might be sleepy while learning or would want to play, making it difficult to concentrate on studies. Make them aware of the importance of having a schedule and encourage them to follow the importance of time management

Make Them the Teacher

Ask the student to teach you about a concept in their books and listen attentively while they teach. Ask questions to check their understanding. It will help them remember the concepts easily and swiftly. Make the study time an interactive activity. Include games and activities which they enjoy. 

interact with kids

Instead of being that strict teacher, come down the ladder and become their study partner. Learn with them, interact with them. Instead of intimidating them with tough questions, solve them together. While learning spellings and meanings try including crossword puzzles and other word games that are enjoyable. 

Include Time for Sleeping and Exercise

Nobody, let alone kids, can focus on studies without proper sleep. It is an integral factor that contributes to a higher concentration rate and improved memory. Make sure kids are getting eight hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation makes it hard for students to focus on studies. 

Give them time to exercise or play. Little physical activity can make them feel fresh and energetic. It will refresh their mind and body and thereby sharpen their ability to concentrate. 

Don’t let them spend prolonged hours studying because even if they are physically involved in studying, mentally they might not be present. It will only drain them more and more and add to their stress. In order to avoid all these, it is good to have proper playtime and an ample amount of sleep. 

Ask them to Create Examples

The best way to learn anything and retain it is to use it practically. It will surely remain at the back of their mind for any matter of time. While learning science or related subjects it is always good to show them things and make them do simple experiments at home. 

While learning language subjects or mathematics, ask them to build their own examples. The more examples they can come up with, the better they have understood the concept. Ask them to build examples relating to their life or things they have seen. It will give them a fuller understanding of the concept and it will always remain with them. 

Make the Study Area a Distraction-free Zone

Drive all gadgets and other distractions away from the study area. Make it a peaceful as well as a fun place. Even if you have a computer in the study room, make sure that it is used only for studying. Prep the study area beforehand so that everything is within the reach of the child. 

Getting up and walking in between can cause distractions and can break the concentration. Remember, kids are wired differently from adults. Their attention level, and thoughts are all different from an adult. Parents need to understand this and plan the study area accordingly. 

Give Rewards at the End of a Day’s Tasks

When the child finishes a day’s tasks and completes the assigned portions, little treats or rewards. It will increase their interest in studies and will inspire them to do more. Make them feel appreciated. 

A child who feels appreciated for his tasks can even conquer the world with their will power. Even if it is a tiny chocolate, give it to them. Extending love, support, humility and words of encouragement is the best medicine to increase retention and concentration. 

With a well-defined and practical approach, the memory retention rates of children can be boosted easily. When mixed with appreciation and love, it can bring about huge transformations. Become their study partner and keep researching innovative techniques to make study time interactive. A best study partner can help kids achieve much. 

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