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Daily Home Workouts to Boost Kids Physical and Mental Health

Daily Home Workouts to Boost Kids Physical and Mental Health

Online education has become the new normal nowadays. The sad fact is that the kids are missing out on the chance to interact with their classmates and play along.  This unforeseen scenario has been snatching away the environment in schools that are designed to nourish them and enhance their physical and mental growth.

The kids must be involved in physical and mental activities that strengthen their bodies and mind. Activities that help in building strength, improving confidence, nurturing brain development, and developing coordination are required for them. Studies indicate that they must have at least an hour of physical exercise daily.

10 Daily Home Workouts for Kids

Daily home exercise would boost kids’ physical and mental health. You may avoid overdoing it and fix a specific time schedule for the activity. Otherwise, you may be overloading your child.

1.     Jogging or Skipping

The body should be warmed up before commencing the workout. You can take your child for a short jog if there is space. Alternately, skipping or skip jumps will heat up the body.

2.     Stretching Exercise

Body muscles should be stretched to enhance blood circulation and strengthen those. This would also improve the flexibility of the body.

3.     Bending

Sideways, forward, and backward bending exercise is the next workout that aid in body flexibility and muscle strength.

4.     Push-ups

Children would not be able to do push-ups much. Four or five would be enough depending on their age. Teaching them proper posture is the main thing here. The body should be at a 450 angle and the vertebral column straight.

5.     Sit-ups

Sit-ups help in improving abdominal strength, energizing internal organs and blood circulation. Lie down flat and keep the leg half-bent for doing this exercise.

6.     Squat

Add strength to their thigh and calf muscles by practicing squat daily. Proper posture is crucial while performing this workout. Teach kids to keep both the hands forward parallel to the ground, backbone straight, and avoid bending forward during this exercise. Else, it will not give the intended result.

7.     Leg Raises

Leg raises by lying sideways. The leg should be straight, without bending the knee. Hold the leg in the raised position for the maximum time possible.

8.     Lunges

Step forward, bend your front knee to 90-degree and touch the back knee to the ground. The thigh of the front leg should be parallel to the ground.

9.     Jumping Jacks

There are many variants of jumping jacks. The kids would love doing this.

10.   Star Jump

This is another funny workout that children love doing. Jump up expanding legs and hands and shout “hurray” or “I am a Star” or any other suitable phrase.

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Fun Indoor Activities suited for Kids

How to Motivate and Engage Kids for Daily Home Workouts

Kids get bored of monotonous activities quickly. They will not like to continue an activity that appears as if it is work. The trick here is to make the workout a kind of funny game. Some of the most followed physical activities are running, swimming, dancing, and cycling. You can schedule physical activity at home for around an hour every day.

The workout may include:

  • Sports like badminton, football, swimming, etc. The games will make the bones and muscles strong, as well as, help improve coordination and concentration.
  • Items for skipping, hula-hoop, and similar other activities may be given to them. Both these are good for flexible body muscles, stamina, and concentration.
  • Parents should be involved with them to keep the kids motivated.
  • Fix the time for watching television or computer games. It is good if you can limit both of these to the bare minimum.


Workout According to the Age of the Kid

You cannot expect a four-year-old kid to play football unless he or she is extra-talented or gifted. Plan the physical activity based on the age of your child. They would be covering a stage in their lives at every age level. The kids must be infused with team spirit, confidence, aiming right, facing challenges, and achieving goals slowly and systematically.

3 to 5-Year-Old Kids – These young kids are interested in puzzle games, hide and seek, throwing games, and chasing games. You can add easy physical activities along with this. Games like color scavenger hunts, matching games and bingo would be apt for aiding brain growth.  

6 to 8-Year-Old Kids – Jumping, kicking, throwing, and catching games would interest them more. Football, Cricket, Tennis, and Badminton also would instill positive traits like a winning attitude, working as a team, discipline, overcoming limitations, and a confident mind.

9 to 12-Year-Old Kids – The age just before entering their teens, the kids can be guided to games that boost coordination, concentration, and physical strength.

Make sure that the kids follow a proper posture during all the exercise. The workout mentioned here would help strengthen their body and mind.

At TIST,  we have developed a curriculum which gives the right balance for your kids’ academics and beyond academics activities. Developing a healthy lifestyle at an early stage will benefit them in their future as well.


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