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Importance of Preschool Activities for Enhancing the Quality of Learning in Kids

Importance of Preschool Activities for Enhancing the Quality of Learning in Kids

Educating one’s child is the priority of every parent out there. From the moment a child is born, parents start planning about how to teach him all facts essential for survival. As the child grows, informing him things at home does not suffice. It becomes necessary for him to attend schools to understand and learn topics properly. School is the place wherein the kid starts appreciating the value of education. Preschool activities are really important to enhance the quality of learning in kids. Apart from that, schools serve a variety of other purposes which moulds a child into the man, ready to face the world even in adversarial situations.

The starting point of schools nowadays is preschool activities. What good does preschool activities do? It is basically the first step of your child’s success. Preschool is the phase when a child is exposed to the outside world for the first time in his life. That means, he is to leave the comfort and security of his parent’s arms and face everything that’s lying beyond them. It is therefore essential for preschools to work on their environment so as to provide the students with a comfy space. The basic facilities provided by a preschool includes a clean and hygienic environment, well-qualified teachers, student-friendly classrooms, a variety of toys or game materials, blackboards, playgrounds, limited time for study and more time for play.

Preschool activities to enhance quality learning | TIST,Thrissur

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Need of preschool activities for enhancing the quality of learning in kids.

Preschool activities play a huge role in shaping your child’s personality. The importance of preschool activities which enhances the quality of learning are listed below:

Social skills or social interaction

 The very first thing a child witnesses in a preschool is the number of students and teachers. Preschool activities are designed in a manner so as to inculcate in children the habit of conversation with one another. Also, teachers focus on making students work and play together. All these factors lay the foundation of the development of social skills in the child. He starts accepting the fact that life is easy with people around which becomes the reason for his successful life ahead. Co-operation, sharing, and resolution of conflicts are other skills that are taught through preschool activities.

Speaking and literary skills

Preschool is much more than a mere playschool. It not only provides children with a playground but also makes sure to involve them in activities such as poem reciting or storytelling by holding competitions from time to time. Children participate in it because they find it all very interesting not knowing that these lead to developing their oratory skills. Such speaking abilities helps the child to discuss matters with the elders (including teachers) and thereby, learn more.

Time Management

This is considered to be of the most essential traits of successful people. Most of the preschool activities are time-based. A time is fixed for the morning assembly, for lunch break, for playtime and so on. Children willingly or on the command of their teachers follow the schedule which imbibes in them the quality of managing time and a child who learns to manage time can definitely learn efficiently.

Preschool activities to enhance quality learning | TIST,Thrissur

Physical development

 It is essential that your child develops both physically and mentally. Preschool activities take care of physical development too. By preparing a curriculum involving different kinds of physical activities, teachers try to support children in building a healthy and fit body. Children are required to play, run, dance, climb etcetera which keeps their body active and muscles strong. With a hale and hearty body, no one can stop your child from learning and performing well.

Emotional ability

 As a human being, it is important for everyone to be emotionally available to those in need. Sympathy, kindness, concern are some of the characteristics that every person should possess. Preschool allows your child to learn about his own feelings and sympathize with the feelings of others. Teachers through teamwork activities teach children to show respect and concern for the feelings of one another. If each and every child start understanding one another, the teachers will face no problem in teaching them and hence, the overall quality of education will improve.

Rational or thinking skills

 Have you ever thought why do you remain so curious about the things happening around you? It is because your preschool activities made you think about the colors or the patterns in your drawing book. Basically, preschool aids the child to think rationally, question often and solve difficulties if any. Collecting information and relating to the past experiences are all taught through the preschool activities which build up the child’s cognitive skills and with intelligent students like him, the quality of education will surely be improved.

Preschool activities to enhance quality learning | TIST,Thrissur

Involving a child in preschool activities kindles his drive towards exploring and discovering facts. This encourages him to gain command over his surroundings, concentration and other related things. These factors, in turn, enable him to engage in thinking processes required for survival in this competitive era. Thus, the importance of preschool activities for enhancing the quality of learning cannot be overemphasized.

So are you planning to send your child to a preschool? Some of the schools in Thrissur provide everything mentioned above. One of the most renowned schools in Thrissur is the International School of Thrissur. This school focuses on the holistic development of your child right from a very tender age. It has separate programs for kids of all ages such as the toddler program, kindergarten program and so on. Teachers appointed for preschool programs are trained to provide the children with the same comfort they find at home. Furthermore, the school boasts of a huge playground and a swimming pool thereby, arousing your child’s interest in the school. Parent-teacher meetings are conducted on a regular basis so as to identify the difficulties faced by the child as well as to appreciate his talents and let his parents know about it. Contribution by the parents is considered very precious. Teachers try accommodating the parent’s viewpoints in aiding the child thereby, making both the parent and his child feel comfortable and satisfied.


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