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10 Things to Remember before Selecting a Preschool for Your Child.

10 Things to Remember before Selecting a Preschool for Your Child.

A kid becomes the priority of parents as soon as he takes birth. As he is unable to form an opinion of his own, parents try to make decisions for their kids which not only benefits him but also helps him in the long-run. It is a fact well-known that the first school of a kid is his home but there comes a time when the parents have to start considering sending their child to a proper school. School provides the foundation for the kid’s overall growth and development as it is the means of introducing a child to the outside world.

Most of the parents are now sending their kids to preschools which is a step taken before the child enters into a real school. A preschool is a place where your kids are allowed to play all day long and learn the basics under the guidance of experienced instructors. Considering the fact that the majority of the parents are working nowadays, preschools are assuming more importance.

But you cannot just wake up one day and send your kid to any random preschool as it would do worse than better. When you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of a product before finally purchasing it, you should become well-acquainted with the facilities, benefits and other related factors before finalizing your kid’s admission to the preschool.

Things to remember before selecting a pre school | TIST ,Thrissur

So what are the things to be evaluated before selecting a preschool? Some of them are listed below:

Understand your child

You kid will be facing the world for the first time and hence, it is essential for you to know his capabilities, problems, needs, areas of concern so that you would be able to convey the same to those teachers who would be taking the responsibility of your kid at the preschool.

The teachers

The first thing anybody wishes to know about a school is about the faculty it has. A school is built by teachers on one hand and students on the other. Well-experienced and qualified teachers are a necessity for any school. They are the ones who take care of your child at a preschool and hence, it becomes essential to know who the teachers are in a given preschool. They not only make your child feel comfortable but also help them learn and make new friends. A teacher is the one who will eventually shape the kid’s future. Thus, parents should try building a cordial relationship with the teachers.

Ways of interaction

 It is very important for the kid’s progress that the school provides a means wherein the parent and the teacher can converse with each other. A cordial parent-teacher relationship is required to build the foundation of a kid’s future. Hence, every parent must inquire whether or not the school provides for the same.


 Without a clean and healthy environment, no great mind can work. If you are sending your kid away from home it becomes your duty to ensure that the place of study is hygienic. It boosts the child’s learning capacity and leads to a shining future.

Class timings and play hours

 A preschool is for evolving a kid’s interest in extracurricular activities. It is not a place for a kid to study which he will nonetheless do in a proper school afterward. A parent should, therefore, make sure that the class timings are such so as not to burden the child with responsibilities at a tender age and he gets more time to play and have fun.


 Location of the preschool is another factor to be taken into consideration while picking up the place for your child. The child is totally dependent on the parents and hence, the location should be such which would not add to the already existing stress levels of the parents especially for the ones who work.


Education is no more a charitable cause. It has been commercialized in recent years. But everyone does not earn the same amount of money. The parents need to know about the costs and expenses related to the preschool before finalizing it. It is a starting point of the child’s education and the parents cannot afford to lose every bit of savings they have in that school itself.

Facilities Provided

A preschool is a playground for your child where he will learn while playing. So, you as a parent should see whether the school provides all the instruments and apparatuses which will help your child to develop holistically.

Things to remember before selecting a pre school | TIST ,Thrissur


 Parents always try to make their kids feel secure. They cannot leave their child in a place with no proper safety guidelines. Preschools must be properly maintained, have first-aid kits, use lead-free paints and so on so as to create a favorable atmosphere for the child.

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Cancellation Policy

 Parents should always focus their attention on preschools which have a flexible cancellation policy. Such policies not only make it easy for the parents but also reflects the confidence of the school in its policies and overall facilities.

Coming to Kerala which is known for its education system, has some of the best schools in the country. Finding a good preschool for your child might not be a problem. Some of the schools in Thrissur in Kerala provide the best educational service to your child. One of the most renowned and highly emergent schools in Thrissur is the International School of Thrissur. The school provides all of the facilities mentioned above. It has separate programmes for kids of all ages such as the toddler programme (for kids around two and a half years of age), kindergarten programme and so on. They boast of a huge playground and a swimming pool thereby, arousing your kid’s interest in the school. Parent-teacher meetings are conducted on a regular basis and the parent’s contribution is considered very precious. Teachers try accommodating the parent’s viewpoints in aiding the child thereby, making both the parent and his child feel comfortable and satisfied.

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