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How does a Positive Parent-Teacher Relationship Contribute to a Child’s School Success?

How does a Positive Parent-Teacher Relationship Contribute to a Child’s School Success?

Parents are the ones who take care of the kids at home and are their first teachers. The foundation of any kid’s knowledge is laid down at home itself. As a child grows, he is then shifted to a school so that he understands the value of education as well as adjusts to the social situations which he will have to face for the rest of his life. A child requires care and attention from the early ages itself so as to grow and develop emotionally and rationally. This can happen only when both his teachers and parents involve themselves in positive interactions so that the child never misses onto anything.

Parent-teacher relationships are nowadays gaining more importance as people are realizing how important it is for the overall success of the kid. For the same purpose, schools are adopting new ways of teacher training programmes where they are taught the manners of how to converse with the parents. Also, parent-teacher meetings are held at regular intervals so as to ensure the child becomes comfortable in stating the problems he is facing with other students or with studies.

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So, what are the benefits of a positive parent-teacher relationship?

The first and foremost advantage of starting a healthy conversation with your kid’s teacher is that you can brief the teacher regarding your kid’s character, interests, nature, requirements, and areas of concern. This will help the teacher to understand your kid in a more efficient manner and thereby, aid him to overcome the difficulties he might be facing. Furthermore, if a positive relationship is maintained between the parent and the teacher, the parent would be able to let the teacher know of any kind of childhood trauma or pain that the kid might have suffered. This will enable the teacher to work on the kid keeping those instances in mind so that the kid recovers and does not suffer.

On the other hand, if a kid is not able to adjust to the school owing to the fact that he is separated from his parents for the first time ever in his life, the teacher can become the kid’s parent at school and take care of all the little details that his parents might have told the teacher. This will assist the kid in accepting the school’s environment as he will never feel alone which in the long-term will become the very basis of a child’s great performance academically.

The kid will start trusting his teacher and look forward to going to school. He will involve himself in all activities and find out those in which he is good at. More often than none, kids become aware of their talents at an early age if they guided properly both at home as well as in school. If the child finds an activity interesting, it might well become his future passion and means of employment. These can happen only when a conducive environment is created by a level of understanding between the teacher and the parent.

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It is also advised for the parents not to miss any of the parent-teacher meetings that the school organizes. Those are the times when the teacher and the parent can talk verbally face to face in front of the kid and assess the performance of the kids. They can analyze the subjects or the co-curricular activities in which the kid is good at and devise plans for the subjects or activities he finds boring or uninteresting. Only through such conversations, the same plan can be implemented at school and home simultaneously so that the end result is achieved faster and in an improved manner.

Communication is the very foundation of any relationship. You cannot take the risk of sending your child to the school and let him act on his own. At times, your contribution might become a necessity because no one knows the child better than you (that is, a parent). But this does not imply that you start interfering with the kid’s manner of interaction with the teacher. Kids respect their teachers as they see authority in them. If a parent tries to state everything about the kid to the teacher on his own and never really allows him to face the teacher, he might never gain the confidence of public speaking and communication in general.

Kerala, the state with the highest literacy rate in India is undoubtedly one of the best places for your child’s education. It has some of the best schools and universities all over the country. The people there are not only educated but also dedicated to the education of their offspring. Nonetheless, if you are thinking of enrolling your child in a school, schools in Thrissur (a city in Kerala) can be a good option. Some of the best schools in Thrissur include Devamatha CMI Public School, The International School of Thrissur, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir, Chaldean Syrian HSS etcetera. Such schools focus on the overall development of your kid and thereby focus on a healthy parent-teacher relationship also.

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A school based on Montessori Methodology which places its belief on a child’s innate desire to learn, this school provides an inclusive education involving a parent’s contribution towards the progress of their child. They have play court zone, swimming pool as also student (and career) counseling cell because they believe that a child can learn only when he is allowed to play as well as study. They even take care of the students after normal working hours to aid those parents who work and are not able to pick their child up at school hours. These factors not only contribute to the basis of a very favorable relationship between the parent and the teacher but also leads to the holistic growth of the kid.

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