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The school environment really matters your child’s overall development

The school environment really matters your child’s overall development

School is one of the most crucial role players in the development of every child. From the environment to the educational method; from the teachers to the counsellors; from the infrastructure to the educational aids used to teach students and the promotion of co-curricular and physical development are some things that determine the ability of a school. If you are searching for some of the best schools in Kerala for your children, then the following post will help you in making the decision in a much better manner.

Before beginning the hunt for the best schools in Kerala and then ending up with the shiniest names in the list of the International Schools in Kerala, it is better to understand how the school environment determines the overall development of a child. How an international school varies from the regular schools and why people choose them? How to make the right choice for your child? What makes one school better from the other in providing learning and education?

International school of Thrissur

The following post will be carrying answers to all these and many more questions.

School Environment and Children – Explore the Variables

Space and architecture around the students

The studies have revealed that classrooms that are spacious, airy, well-lit, decorated and designed in an appropriate manner with class-specific or course-specific hand-made crafts etc tend to promote learning and evoke the urges to learn in a far better manner as compared to the dull and mundane classrooms devoid of any such things.

The architecture also determines the learning; such as wall arts for visual learning; quotes for cognitive and critical learning; poles etc for understanding the shadows; time reading; and the shape recognition.

teacher and students -International schools in Thrissur

Teachers to Student Ratio

The teachers to student ratio should be such that the teacher is able to devote time to each and every student in a fair manner. The Best schools in Kerala have a teacher to student ratio of 1:15 and even less.

Expertise and Academic Exposure of the Staff

The well-read staff that has had commendable experience and exposure to the education tactics and techniques of a reputed level are always better than the teachers that have just passed the exams for acquiring the position. The International Schools in Kerala have maestros as their teachers that keep on learning and growing. Their exposure to the teaching techniques is of the international level. These teachers know how to prepare students in a futuristic manner and provide assignments and tasks such that they call for the development of all the parts of the brain.

Healthy competition instead of Peer Pressure

If you want to get your ward enrolled in the best schools in Kerala, then check the attitude of the administration and teachers towards the competition. There should always be a healthy competition in the class which promotes learning and making oneself better.

However, there is a fine line between competition and peer pressure. The peer pressure will only bring down the learning and development. Every child has a different potential, different learning aptitude, and a different approach towards life in general. Hence, instead of comparing the writers with the scientists, it is always better to let the child develop and flourish in general.
This is one of the main reasons for the popularity of the  international schools in Kerala because there are more than 70 courses that children can choose from and specialize in.

Skill development and Honing

A good school environment will help the students to find out their strengths and weaknesses and work on them. Almost all the reputed International Schools in Kerala have counsellor and guides for the students that help them to work on their overall development. Students should be taught how to gradually turn their good learning aptitudes into skills and how to finally hone them to the expert level. 

Social Development

What makes the schools unique is the way students are prepared for the society as well. It is important to learn facts and acquire an education, but it is extremely important to be a responsible citizen as well. Contributing to social development, understanding the needy people, volunteering, donation, team-work, cleanliness and green living, there are many aspects of learning possible.

Kids Playing-International School of Thrissur

Effect of Society and Companionship

It is a known fact that and the best schools in Kerala have a hefty fee structure and thus lie in the unaffordable range for many people. But the type of facilities, infrastructure and the quality of education is very high. Further, all the students are from the good families which make the overall environment sophisticated and thus, allow the students to grow and learn in a healthy environment. Students learn good habits from each other as well.

Some other school environment variables that determine the overall development of the children are as follows:

Reputed schools with good environment offer the proper setup and facilities for :

Learning and acquiring of the skills such as gymnastics, fine arts, music, foreign languages and world polity

Distinguishing between functional and dysfunctional goals and cognitions

Profession oriented learning that aids in understanding the life aim in a better manner

Learning under the experts and not average teachers

Children grow in a safe and secure environment and can learn innumerable things and acquire innumerable skills

The school environment plays a crucial role in the overall development of a child. Granted that the 3 Rs are the ones that come handy in the whole life, but the fact that life is much more than them is just too big to be ignored.

Now, having read the various ways a good school helps your children in, you can make a much better and well-informed decision and easily find the best schools in Kerala that suit your criteria list.

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