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Advantages of Technology Integration in Schools

Advantages of Technology Integration in Schools

The use of technology was earlier very common in colleges. In the past six years, a lot of schools have started incorporating technology in the teaching procedure. In this world of globalization, one cannot do without technological advancements even in the schools. Let us go through a few advantages of integrating technology in schools.

 Major advantages of technology integration in schools 

  • The admission process can become online

These days, it would become very difficult if the parents have to go to school in person multiple times, once to know when the forms would come out, then again at the time of form collection, then again at the time of form submission and then for the subsequent interview and admission process. If both parents are working, then this is not a good option. Instead, the school would save a lot of effort if it has an official website where parents can know about the admission dates, procedures, upcoming holidays and other news. In fact, the forms should also be submitted online. However, the main interview session has to be conducted in the school campus as usual. Therefore, the use of technology expedites the admission process and removes a lot of hassles.

Advantages of technology integration in schools-TIST,Thrissur

  • Teaching process

Technology eases the process of teaching. Gone are the days when students were taught with chalk dusters only, and they were forced to just mug their answers from the books. Now almost every school use smart boards and seminar halls to teach new topics to the students. In the process, the teachers can show live demonstrations, relative videos, and slides to the students, through which the students can have a real-world understanding of their topics.

  • Encouraging students in studying their topics

The students are not forced to just read what is in their book. They can see what their book refers to online or in live video demonstrations in seminar halls. This way, they can remember any topic easily and can write about them in the examinations.

Advantages of technology integration in schools-TIST,Thrissur

  • Ensuring security

Security of their children is a major concern of the parents. If the school is technologically well-upgraded, then the school authorities can ensure the parents of the security systems of their campus. A school should always have CCTV cameras in their corridors, hallways, libraries, and classrooms. This way a student can be protected from the misbehavior of any kind from any person. Today a parent always looks for CCTV facilities in a school before getting the admission forms of that school.

  • Effective learning

As mentioned earlier, the students get the live demonstration of the topics covered in their books. Therefore, the students can learn a subject, instead of mugging it up. These days, even nursery rhymes are shown as animated videos. These videos help the students to visualize the poems and understand it easily. There is a great deal of difference in just seeing a few words on a blackboard to actually seeing the object on a smart board.

Advantages of technology integration in schools-TIST,Thrissur

  • Online skill and knowledge competitions

One of the common events that any school hosts are interschool or intra-school competition. These competitions include a lot of quizzes. All of these could be conducted online to save a lot of time and money. The level of the competition would also be high.

  • Learning new skills and techniques

Through internet and web integrated courses, the students can learn a lot of new skills. For example, quite a few students feel shy and cannot participate in elocution contests in their schools. There are lots of video tutorials on how to speak publicly and speak clearly on topic. The teachers can help these docile students and conduct some workshops with them using video conferencing.

Advantages of technology integration in schools-TIST,Thrissur

Therefore, it is clearly seen that technology integration in schools has a lot of benefits. If you are thinking of taking the admission of a technologically upgraded school for your child, then The International School of Thrissur is one of the best international school in Kerala you can opt for. option. The curriculum of The International School of Thrissur or TIST falls under the IGCSE board, which is internationally recognized. Therefore, if you have a plan to go abroad due to work for a few years, you will have no problem in admitting your child in a school there. The degree from TIST is recognized in the schools abroad. The classrooms of TIST are technologically advanced. Along with education TIST believes in developing other mental and physical faculties of the child. Therefore, they have sports courts, radio stations, and classes on gardening and agriculture. The students not only study here, but they are also guided on a day to day basis for their upcoming future. TIST has student counseling and career counseling cells, which helps in building a sound and bright future for the students. Therefore, if you stay in Thrissur and you want your child to be an all-rounder, then TIST is the place for your child.



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