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Role of Schools in making the children motivated towards their Prime Goal

Role of Schools in making the children motivated towards their Prime Goal

A school is one of the most crucial organizations that play a really important role in the life of every child. The role of scholastic education has been of immense value in deciding the fate of various nations and has been a topic of research since ages. A teacher has a meaningful impact on the lives of all the students and one good teacher is enough to pave the way towards a successful future for many students. No amount of text or words is enough to write about the role and efficacy of the schools in motivating students towards their prime goals in life. Every student has a different perspective towards education and knowledge acquiring and it depends only on the teacher to identify these differences and impart learning to each and every student in that manner. Going by the words of teachers at some of the best schools in Thrissur,    a teacher is the one that actually helps young people to identify their talents and strengths and work upon them so as to emerge as successful professionals of the future.

The following post will be reflecting on the various roles and responsibilities of a school in helping students to acquire learning. Incorporating the views and suggestions of the erudite staff at the International School in Thrissur, the post will be one of the best references for all the parents to learn about schooling in general and identify the best schools in Thrissur as well.

Roles and Responsibilities of a school in helping students to get motivated towards learning

#1  Proper environment that focuses on learning

A school offers proper environment oriented towards learning and preparing the students towards all the real-life scenarios in a better manner. Martin Luther King once said that education is one of the most important things in our life. It teaches us to differentiate between the good and the bad and the right at the wrong. And school is one of the best places to have that education. Though there are many examples in the world where the children that have been homeschooled have turned into immaculate professionals as well; but the effect of learning in a social environment where students learn about various hierarchies of the society; develop their social skills; acquire learning as well as learn to appreciate a healthy competition among their peers, is magnificent.

#2  Different means of learning

A school offers proper infrastructure that aids in learning. The best schools in Thrissur have laboratories, libraries, auditoriums, workshops, playgrounds, meditation centers, infirmaries, sports complexes, swimming pools, music rooms, gymnasiums, courts and lots of other such specific areas to work on different sides of education and impart holistic education to the children. A young mind gets perfect guidance and multi-faceted learning environment at a school and the teaching plays a crucial role in determining the life-long preferences.

#3 Teacher’s Motivation

When consulted regarding the subject matter, a teacher at a reputed international school in Thrissur said that for a student, the motivation from a teacher is one of its own kinds because the teacher does not have with the blood relationship with the student and still harbors goodwill for him or her. Every child might love getting pampered by the parents and get showered upon with praises, but a teacher’s praise is something that can be earned only via hard work and performance alone.

#4  Developing Critical Thinking

A school prepares the students to speak their minds and reflect on all the aspects of a situation and scenario. A teacher can organize and effectively manage various classroom activities such as group discussions, debates, workshops, case studies and extempore etc that help students to think critically and voice their opinions in a convincing way. Interaction of brilliant minds produces marvelous results and new ideas emerge that develops the overall thinking of the students.

The role and responsibilities of a school environment to motivate the children to acquire knowledge, as well as completely different learning goals, are so many, that it is totally infeasible to imbibe them in a single post. However, it will not be an exaggeration if we say that a school is one such place that prepares the young minds that in turn determine the future of a nation and the world.



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