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Difference between CBSE and IGCSE schools

Difference between CBSE and IGCSE schools

If you have been having sleepless nights and troubled days for hunting the best Schools in Kerala for your children, so as to give them a wonderful start for their careers; if you have picked up some schools from among many and are calculating the pros and cons of CBSE and IGCSE boards, then stop worrying and read the following post. Find out what are the basic and major differences between the CBSE and IGCSE schools; how they regulate the careers in future and what are some of the top-notch IGCSE schools in Thrissur that offer education like none others.

Before we delve deep, let us understand one simple fact that parents tend to ignore – Diamonds will shine. This is their nature. If you keep them in dark for years on end and bring them out expecting their luster would be gone, you are sure in for a brilliantly sparkling surprise.”

Similarly, the bright minds will leave their marks irrespective of the Boards they enroll in or the schools they attend. It is just that the proper guidance and right platform opens the wide avenues for them. So, here we go!



IGCSE stands for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education and is administered by Cambridge University and offers one of the most study oriented education. The study is focused on the overall development of the children and is more inclined towards a creative, inquisitive and analytical approach.CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education and is administered by the Central Government. The education is planned around the NCERT or the National Council of Educational Research and Training. Much stress is laid on the students from 9 th onwards and the younger classes are easier.

You can find Best Schools in Kerala for both the CBSE and IGCSE Boards of education.

Key Distinction Points:

The teachers’ role is much more of a facilitator rather than direct feeders or deliverers of education so that the students can make the right choice for themselves in the IGCSE Board. The CBSE aims to provide a well-nurtured environment where the teacher distinguishes between the right and wrong for the children themselves.

Levels in Education:

The IGCSE is followed by the AS, A, IB Diploma and the North American APT. The CBSE has only two levels; one for the Class X called as AISSE and one for the Class XII called as AISSCE.

Schools in Kerela:

The Best Schools in Kerala offer CBSE, IGCSE separately as well as both of them. Some schools also allow the students to change their boards of education from CBSE to IGCSE and vice versa as well.

Schools in Kerala that offer the IGCSE Curriculum have a rigorous curriculum with a very tough mode of examinations. However, the schools with CBSE Board offer a similar examination and education methodology everywhere.
Of all the districts, Thrissur is emerging as one of the most powerful one in regards to the schools and there are many IGCSE schools in Thrissur of repute and distinction. Let us move on to find more about the subject matter.

CBSE vs IGCSE – Differences Explored:

The CBSE Board has English as the compulsory subject and IGCSE board offers 70 different subjects with no fixed combinations. The students can choose the subjects accordingly as per their expertise, interests, educational environment and opportunities in the nation and the kind of professional career they are looking forward to.

CBSE aims for the knowledge accumulation of all the sectors with stress being laid on the Science and Maths. The IGCSE lays equal emphasis on Humanities as well as Sciences. The subject becomes important as per the wishes of the students.

The primary mode of assessment in CBSE is examination whereas the IGCSE offers practical, analytical and examination modes of assessment.

The IGCSE Schools in Thrissur as well as over the world have English medium while CBSE is offered in Hindi as well as English.

The CBSE Curriculum is relevant for the students that might have migratory choices in terms of profession and education. The core technical professions, education, and higher studies are easy for CBSE students as much stress is laid on Math and Science. IGCSE comes in the effect from Class 9 and is good for the students that migrate from foreign.

The best schools in Kerala offer both the Boards of Education and allow the students to make an intelligent decision on their own.

If you have been searching for some notable IGCSE schools in Thrissur that can help your children to acquire a future relevant education, then the TIST school or The International School of Thrissur is the best choice. Equipped with the latest infrastructure and the staff with rich educational and experience background, the school is one such name that can make a huge difference in the lives of its students.

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