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Benefits of Personalized and Activity-based Education in Schools

Benefits of Personalized and Activity-based Education in Schools

Gone are the times when all the schools used to teach only a single curriculum and had almost similar books and of course, a similar set of teaching techniques. These days, schooling has undergone a revolution and experienced a huge makeover in the wake of modern times and technological advancements. Every day new researches are being published in the field of teaching and every day teachers are trying out new methods, new strategies and new means of making education better and easier. If you have been trying to find the top schools in Kerala for your wards, then the methodology of teaching and the type of learning offered there is the very first thing you should ask and ponder upon.

This post will be highlighting the benefits of personalized and activity-based Education in the schools in Kerala and why the education methodology differs at the International Schools.

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Personalized Learning – What, How and Why?


Personalized learning means optimizing the instructional approach and learning pace as per the needs and abilities of a learner. Every learner is different and has different needs when it comes to the objectives of learning, the approach of instruction and interest areas etc.


Almost all the top schools in Kerala inclusive of all the reputed international schools in Thrissur, Kerala offer Personalized Learning. This means, that the teacher or the instructor will be paying close attention towards the learning needs and abilities of every single student in the class and will be customizing the education plan accordingly.

Granted that the same curriculum will be taught to everyone, the means of explaining and imparting learning will vary from student to student though.


Every student has a different need and different understanding of education and thus needs a different learning approach.

Some students learn by watching things; some by actually doing them and some acquire knowledge by repeatedly reading things.

To make the education interesting and really beneficial for each and every student, almost all the top schools in Kerala have begun to follow the shift towards Personalized Learning.

Now, before we move on to find the benefits of Activity-Based learning, it is necessary to understand one thing. If you have been cultivating the thoughts to enroll your child into one of the prestigious schools in Thrissur, Kerala; then before you complete the admission process, ask and inform yourself about the learning methodology and general approach towards education.

Activity-based learning and personalized learning will bring a noticeable change in your child’s life and make him or her more confident and informed of his or her abilities and talents.

Activity-Based learning – What, How and Why?


Activity-based learning is one of the best forms of imparting learning and education.

Students learn by actually DOING stuff and understanding the basic working principles of every fact, rule, and principle. This type of learning empowers the brain and develops all its sectors responsible for learning and acquiring knowledge.

Activity-based learning also facilitates better understanding by creating far learning grounds for everyone.

It ensures that the student is always engaged in learning; sharpens the analytical skills and problem-solving skills of the learners and also promotes the binding between tutor and learner.

Activity-based learning also offers a better learning approach as compared to traditional scholastic learning and increases confidence.


When consulted, the counselors, education experts and the teachers at the top schools in Kerala said that activity-based learning develops the sensory parts of the brain in a much different manner.

One can understand it with the example of the early man; when he crafted tools and learned about them; when he acquired the knowledge about different things by doing and natural calling and in fact, that was the time when humans exercised their brains the most.


Owing to its ability to create wonders in the field of learning and education, most of the top schools in Kerala and international schools in Thrissur, Kerala are opting for the activity-based learning and bringing change in the field of education.

This also helps the teachers to identify the hidden talents of the students and figure what excites the student and how to help him acquire the knowledge in the best and easiest manner.

Personalized learning and activity-based learning are thus, one of the best things in education and learning that can create wonders and help your child learn and acquire knowledge in the best possible manner.

Personalized and Activity-Based learning – School Check:

The following section comprises some characteristics and pointers that will help you identify whether the school you have chosen for your child has the capability to provide Personalize and Activity-based learning or not.

Stress should be laid on the co-curricular as well as personality development activities along with the curriculum.

Classrooms are equipped with modern learning aids that are relevant to a particular standard.

Labs and activity rooms should be there

Staff should be well-learned and the complete environment should convey the feeling of promoting personalized and activity-based learning.


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