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Advantages of a Digital Campus in the school

Advantages of a Digital Campus in the school

The modern world came with huge technological makeovers for many things; in fact almost everything. From homes to offices and from schools to colleges; from hotels to restaurants and from Government to Private Offices, everything has become digital and become better in the process. With the digital makeover of the offices, the schools also joined in the race and modified the medium of instructions from the conventional to interactive and manual to digital. The wave of digitization of the schools is so intense that all the top schools in Thrissur are offering Digital Learning and taking measure to become the Digital Campuses. The following post will be reflecting on the advantages of the Digital School Campus and why the International Schools in Thrissur are designed and developed on the lines.

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Digital Campus – Understanding the Term and its Contextual Impacts:

Digital Campus, when spoken in reference to a school campus, means a campus that has a digital framework for the management, teaching, governance and the other general functioning. In a digital campus, the information from one office to another will not travel in the form of print documents or word of mouth; but via a dedicated digital messenger; such as small chat applications and email. The students’ circular, admissions information, curriculum, course sheets, holidays and all such other information will be mentioned on the online website of the school.

The teaching will be via the interactive digital learning aids of good quality.

Parents might or might not be given the access the CCTV footage of the classes of their wards, but it under the supervision of the school authorities.

All the international schools in Thrissur that boast of the digital campuses have surveillance options and security means that are based on the digital devices and the online school reporting is sent to the parents.

Well, having had a grasp of the basic characteristics of the Digital Campuses, let us move on to find about the advantages of the digital campuses.

Advantages of the Digital Campuses:

#1 – Personalized Education for each student:

The digital campuses come with interactive and digital learning aids that can be personalized by each and every student according to his or her awareness. With the availability of the Personalized Education, the student explores and enhances the specific interests as per his or her capabilities. Therefore, the digital campus offers perfect opportunities to explore one’s abilities and also allows to exercise them to the maximum possible extent.

#2 –Digital campuses are well equipped to deal with student satisfaction:

If the campus is not digital the students are less satisfied and less engaged because everything becomes so conventional. Instead of having access to all the information with just one click the campus will become a completely rudimentary organisation where completing a student level task might take days or even weeks.

#3 – Digital campus allows the students to enjoy a lifetime engagement:

In a physical campus, the students experience a short engagement period. Once they have graduated, they don’t have any digital means to get connected with the teachers as well as other members of the school staff. Further, a digital campus allows students to stay in touch for a long time and this way healthy alumni relations and networks are established.

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Other benefits of digital campus are:

With a digital campus, staff can easily communicate with the students, dispense information at all times, keep in touch with the alumni and ensure that the students are engaged at all times.

The student can easily access academic resources, plan their timetables, manage library loans and fees, check news and results at any time, keep up to date with the events and stay in confirmation with all the admin updates.

All the international schools in Thrissur offer digital campuses that are equipped with almost all the above-mentioned and lots of other functional entities to make the working and management digital and easy.

A digital campus also allows for a better and well-connected parent-teacher interaction and connection and the issue addressing and the solution can be done immediately without having to go through the personal meetings.

All the top schools in Thrissur offer digital courseware and learning aids that make learning easier and have hoards of reference materials and books and online tests on their FTP Servers that allow the students to learn in a better manner.

Well, the digital campus has a lot of benefits and makes your children future-ready. They are well-versed with the computers and IT Lingo by the time they pass out and venture into the professional world.


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